Shannon Stucky Resume


    I am looking for a change, to learn, grow and move forward in my career. I want to put my experiences and skills to work for you! Here are a few reasons why you should consider me.


    I am a passionate person in all areas of my life. No matter what I’m doing, whether I’m writing a press release or dancing the Waltz, I do it with my whole self. I am always challenging myself to learn and grow and to do better than I have before. I am not apathetic by any standard and work hard to do the best I can at everything I set my mind to.


    Ambition is not just the desire to move forward, or the ability to aim high. It is about having the courage to take risks and to actually take steps forward (or in some cases back) in order to further your goals. Ambition is not just about dreaming about your future, or planning your future, it’s about actually making it happen. And that is what I do.


    I have learned to relate, communicate, and work with anyone in any generation. I believe multiple perspectives bring insight and creativity that could not occur on their own. (Plus having a second pair of eyes on something you have written is critical!) I am highly adept at working in a team as my success has hinged on my ability to work with clients, printers, professionals and even the general public. My work is often just as much about relationship building and conflict resolution as it is about communications.

    Problem Solving

    Problem solving requires both analytical and creative thinking. The real problem needs to be narrowed down from its many symptoms before an efficient and cost-effective solution can be created. Unlike many communicators, I have cultivated both a creative and an analytical mind through my complimentary degrees and entrepreneurial spirit. I don’t see problems as roadblocks, but as challenges to overcome and potential successes to be achieved.

  • Communication:

    • Intercultural, interpersonal, verbal, written and interview skills through client and stakeholder relationship-focused work experience, international education, and public relations certificate. IABC.


    Writing and Editing:

    • Confident writing, editing and proofreading for a variety of professional audiences. Business Plans,  Communications Plans, Annual Reports, Online and Print Newsletters/CRM, Letters, Magazine Articles, Press Releases, Proposals, Speeches, Blogs, Website Copy, Books, Brochures, Videos, and other marketing material. CP Style.


    Event Management

    • Planning, promotion, and execution of events including theme creation, talent acquisition and management, solicitation of sponsors, volunteers and silent auction items, marketing, advertising and social media, ticket sales and registration.


    Organization, Research and Time Management:

    • Can gather and manage large quantities of relevant information to make informed and strategic decisions and to solve problems. Two degrees and a minor in five years. Managed a book of 400 clients at BNS. Managed Well Said Communications Inc. and all of its clients.


    Computer Skills:

    • Strong with Microsoft Office, and Apple iWork. Experience with Skype, Lotus Notes, Peoplesoft, Adobe InDesign, Premiere, and Illustrator. Experience with WordPress and website management. Believer of social media as a tool for business.
  • Well Said Communications Inc. – Owner  

      Mar 2013 – Present

    Statistics Canada – Enumerator

      May 2016 – July 2016
    • Chosen as one of four people in a section of the SW to do DOV (dwelling occupancy verification) work before the enumeration process started.
    • Member of one of the most productive enumeration team in the city of Calgary with 95% complete weeks before the closing date.
    • Worked with highly private, sensitive and confidential information.
    • Transferred to other zones to increase others productivity

    Sage Theatre Volunteer Events Committee – Volunteer

      Jan 2015 – Apr 2015
    • Event planning, promotion, and management including theme creation, talent acquisition and management, solicitation of sponsors, volunteers and silent auction items, marketing and advertising, ticket sales, minute keeping
    • Created the first sponsorship “Casino Royale with a Sage Twist” event and raised $7,000 profit


    IABC/Calgary Events Committee – Volunteer

      Oct 2012 – Jan 2014
    • Event planning (Christmas 2013) and promotion (all events from Oct 2012-Jan 2014).
    • Wrote Press releases and speaker notes, used social media and blogging to promote events, managed registration


    Scotiabank – Senior Personal Banking Officer  

      Nov 2009 – June 2011
    • Managed and advised a portfolio of 400 clients
    • Promoted from Personal Banking Officer after nine months instead of projected 18
    • Coached employees and customers on financial products, strategies, and solutions to make the best financial decisions
    • Event management for Stampede Committee, solicitation for donations and volunteers up to $14,000 for The Calgary Burn Treatment Centre.


    Freelance Editor   

      Sept 2006 – Nov 2009
    • Editing/proofreading business reports, essays, research projects, business correspondence, annual reporting information,
    • Edited Talisman Energy’s 2009 Annual report/Financial Report/Corporate Social Responsibility Report. One of four editors, then the only proofreader for the final report.


    Mount Royal University, Talisman Energy, Plains Midstream Canada, Nexen – Temp

      Feb 2009 – Nov 2009
    • Booked appointments and managed schedules for five people at Mount Royal University, office assistant at PMC, and managed hundreds of Nexen Expat Human Resource files
    • Edited and proofread Talisman Energy Annual Report and Corporate Social Responsibility Report
  • Public Relations Certificate                                                2012

    Mount Royal University

    • Completed two-year certificate in six months

    Investment Funds in Canada Certificate                      2010

    Canadian Securities Institute

    Bachelor of Commerce                                                           2009

    University of Calgary

    • International Business
    • Completed two degrees and a minor in 5 years

    Bachelor of Arts                                                                         2009

    University of Calgary

    • English
    • Full Rutherford Scholarship

    Minor, Japanese                                                                            2009

    University of Calgary and Senshu University in Tokyo

    • Participated in the study abroad program
  • Intellectual

    • Jigsaw Puzzles (1000+ piece)
    • Logic/word puzzles
    • Video Games
    • Science Fiction and Fantasy reading/writing

    Live Theatre

    • Theatre Calgary
    • Front Row Centre Players
    • National Theatre Live
    • Sage Theatre


    • Ballroom and Latin Dance
    • Skiing
    • Skating

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