• written servicesSo, you have a message you want to convey, whether to your customers, your clients, your suppliers or the media, but you just can’t find the words — or, if you do have the words, they don’t come across as well as you would like. Well Said Communications creates, edits and proofreads content for any audience. Do you need a share-worthy blog? No problem. Need a press release in full Canadian Press style? Done. I can help.

    • Copywriting, Blogs, Newsletters, Websites, Brochures,
    • Business Plans, Company Profiles, Annual Reports, Product descriptions,
    • Press/Media Releases,  Feature Articles, Presentations, Speeches
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    Having a hard time impressing Bankers, Venture Capitalists, or Angel Investors? Can you explain in detail the Financial, Technical, Human Resource or Marketing Feasibilities of your business? Do you have a written statement of your Mission, Vision, Values, or Goals?

    Get the financing you need with a custom written and developed Business Plan. Turn your business dreams into a reality!

    I can help.

    You can waste hundreds of hours trying to write (and edit!) your own Business Plan using a template you found off the internet or tens of thousands of dollars hiring a multinational marketing company to do it for you. Or you could sit down with me for a free consultation where we can discuss how Well Said Communications Inc. is the right solution for your Business.  I will work with you to produce a fully customizable Business Plan that suits your business, your goals and your audience.  Have your business plan completed in 20 days or less, with three years of financial projections, with attention-grabbing, and full-colour professional formatting and design.


    What does a Business Plan Include?


    • Executive Summary
    • Background and Purpose
      • Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, Brand, USP
      • Products and Services
    • Market Feasibility
      • Target Audience, Industry Profile, Competitive Analysis, SWOT, Barriers to Entry, Seasonal Changes
    • Strategy
      • Sales and Marketing, Key Success Factors
    • Financial Feasibility
      • Start-up Costs, Sources of Finance, Revenues, Expenses, Profits, Forecasting
    • Technological Feasibility
    • Human Resource Feasibility
    • Risk
      • Factors and Strategy
    • Scheduling and Milestones
    • Harvest/Exit Strategy



    The Final Product

    20 to 45 pages in Length
    Three years of Financials and Projections
    Full Colour Professional Formatting and Design
    In both PDF and Word formats
    Three rounds of revisions
    Research Included

    Business Plan Editing or Revisions

    Do you already have a business plan that’s unfinished, out of date, requiring
    editing or wasn’t successful in its attempt to secure financing?
    I also offer hourly editing and business plan coaching!

  • Well Said Communications doesn’t just generate content, we help with Brand Management and Communication Strategy for your small business. Don’t know if you should be using advertising, public relations, word of mouth marketing or social media strategy? I do. Let me focus on your communications so that you can focus on what you do best — your business!

    • Communication Plans
    • Goal Setting
    • Research
    • Unique Selling Propositions, Tag Lines
    • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media Strategy
    • Creating strategic partnerships with other companies
  • social-media-logos_15773Social media can be a little overwhelming. You’ve been told that you should be on it, but not why or which one(s). You’re not even sure if it will give you a solid Return on Investment. Then if you do join, how will you measure your efforts? How will you define success? Let us help you set up a social media profile that works for you, your business and your audience. We will focus on making social media work for you, so that you don’t have to work on social media.

    • Social Media Setup, Training and Monitoring
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Marketing Videos, Online Advertising, Website-Social media Integration
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Hootsuite, Etc.
  • Presentations

    Target Audience

    Do you want to increase your employees’ skill set? Foster an atmosphere of growth? Is personal and professional development important for your business and your team? Do you need a guideline for what is and is not proper online behaviour? Or a refresher course on proper business grammar?  I can help.

    How it Works

    • Pick a topic, have it customized or built from scratch
    • Book a Lunch & Learn on a date and time that works best for you
    • Between 30 minutes and 3 hours long.
    • Decide how many people will attend (Flexible Audience sizes)
    • Use for training, team-building & skills management
    • You provide the space, I’ll provide the content


    Choose from Existing Topics or I’ll Build One to Suit Your Needs!

    Well Said Communications Inc. has presentations in the following areas:

    • Business Writing
    • Using CP Style
    • Business Email Etiquette
    • Social Media or Business: How to Avoid Trolls, Manage Crisis, and Come out on Top of Public Opinion
    • Online Legal, Ethical and Safety Practices
    • WordPress 101
    • Social Media
      • Leveraging your LinkedIn Account
      • Why you can’t just ignore Google+
      • Facebook for Business
      • Twitter
      • YouTube for Your Business



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